Is there a dress code?
Our rule for life: Be you. There is no dress code that can make you more beautiful than you already are.
Is Coqtales LGBTQ friendly?
Yes, we want to provide all are audiences and their friends with a safe and pleasant environment. At Coqtales everyone is welcome to be themselves and to enjoy the show!
Can we get a private dance?
Yes. Speak to a host at the venue, and they will try and accommodate your every request.
Can I come alone?
To be honest, you’re pretty boss if you come alone! We know there are a lot of women who travel to Amsterdam by themselves for work, but who don’t feel safe enough to go to just any bar or club. Coqtales is the perfect place or you. And besides, you won’t be alone for long – plenty of fun company and plenty of hot hunks!
Will I see some ‘coq’?
Not on purpose, but one can always hope for a wardrobe malfunction! In which case, you may want to select seats closer to the stage so you can catch all the action!
Can we tip the dancers?
We recommend it so that the hunks keep entertaining you and the girls all night long. And since there are only coins for €1 and €2, we have the perfect solution: special COQTALE DOLLARS, exchangeable for Euros before the show!
Are there any differences between Coqtales and other male shows in Amsterdam?
There are many differences. We keep our hunks classy and hungry for your Coqtales Dollars!
What time do the doors open and when do we need to leave the venue?
Our doors open at 8:00pm and you are always welcome to stay for the FREE after party until 4:00am at the same venue.
Can we take pictures in the venue?
We ask everybody to keep pictures to a minimum so as not to distract the other members of the audience sitting behind you. But to make up for this we give you girls the option to take pictures with the hunks after our show!
How do I get myself or my friend into the hot seat on stage?
You will have to speak to one of our hosts and they will try and make sure that you and your special guest can get on stage.
Interactive and touchy?
We really try and respect the personal bubble rule, but if you’re comfortable with it, or were brought up on stage, you can enjoy some flirty contact! We like to keep it classy however, so please no groping or grinding, ladies. There are also a few games which require audience participation, and many songs that will literally make everyone want to jump up and dance! And you can also feel free to interact with us on social media before the show starts as well!
How do I get to the venue?
See our special page for directions.
What is the minimum age for the Coqtales show?
The minimum age for the Coqtales show and the after party is 18+.
Can I refund my ticket if I can not make it to the venue for any reason?
Coqtales works with a non-refund policy and therefore it is not possible to refund the ticket.
What is included in the VIP tickets?

VIP tickets include the following:

  • Coqtales special VIP seating.
  • Welcome drink.
  • 10 Coqtales Dollars.
  • Free entrance to the afterparty.
  • No waiting line.
A photographer took a picture of me, but I can't find them in the linked I've received?

Our photographer takes hundreds of pictures of which eventually only a small selection will be shared. It is possible that your picture did not make the cut.

I lost something at the event, what should I do?

If you lose something at our show we suggest you to contact us at info@coqtales.com. Make sure to describe your lost items as detailed as possible.

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at or call us on +31614530124
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