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About Us

Coqtales is the best male strip show in Amsterdam for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and girls’ nights out! The hunks are on stage, the drinks are in hand, and the atmosphere is off the charts!

Coqtales is the first all-male show in Amsterdam, so expect some excitement!

We pride ourselves on providing unbeatable customer service, creating feisty fun, and hosting you in an excellent venue. Our shows are brought to life by a diverse group of professional entertainers, committed waiters, and expert masseurs.

Each performer embodies a unique and special style, from their appearance to their dance routine. See who you like best! And this isn’t the type of show where you just sit down and watch.

Coqtales is a fully interactive male strip show.

Don’t miss your chance! Make an ordinary night out with the girls an extraordinary party for all to remember. Join the show everyone in Holland is soon to hear about! It’s satisfaction guaranteed, so book your Hot Seat now!