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Girls' Night

Girls’ Night is a special night! Have you found some new love? Found your dream job? Or are you just in high spirits and all up to celebrate? Your girlfriends are always there and always great fun, so get ahead and get crazy: it’s a Coqtales night for you! Male strip shows have never been better and never been more popular. So why not give yourselves a treat by booking a ticket to the best one in town? Extra options!! Forget a movie night at pathe. A girls’ night out at Coqtales is about celebrating your friendship, to experience the craziest things together and being tempted by our delicious hunks during a sexy strip show! You will already feel like planning another party night with Coqtales… This is what we have in mind for you! No Magic Mike but a magic night with Coqtales.

Are you ready for it?

  • Birthday celebrations: send in your request four days in advance.
  • Get your girls to the club in style. Booking your limousine now.
  • Give yourself and the girls a perfectly planned day in Amsterdam, complete with Coqtales vibes. Visit our specials tab now!