Ladies! There’s no better way to celebrate your bachelorette party than by visiting Coqtales. But there are a few things we need explain first. First, our good news: Brides always have FREE admission to the show! It’s part of the full Princess treatment! And your maid of honor will receive extra special help planning the evening from one of our hosts. Contact us for more information, and some outrageously sexy times will be your Coqtales guarantee.

Second, we have something we know all you bachelorettes love: Extra Options!

  • Get your girls to the club in style by booking your limousine now.
  • Give the bride-to-be and all the girls a perfectly planned day in Amsterdam, complete with Coqtales vibes. Visit our specials tab now!
  • Coqtales Dollars: Did one of our hunks catch your eye? Exchange your Euros for Coqtales Dollars before the show, and get some special, all-male attention!
  • Massage Passes: Your pass to five minutes in your chosen hunk heaven. Choose your hunk and choose your heaven! A lap dance, a massage, or maybe just some intimate conversation!
  • The Hot Seat: Get your special attention right up on stage! This is the way to go for maximum satisfaction. You lap dance is now part of the show!
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