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Are you planning your friend’s hen’s party?

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Plan Your Friend’s Hen’s Party at COQTALES if you want to surprise your friends with lots of entertainment then you should book Coqtales magic mike show in Amsterdam You may have possibly seen one of our hunks perform a strip show before and this is the main reason why you would want to book one…

Plan a Bachelorette party for the modern Amsterdam bride with COQTALES

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At COQTALES, Bachelorette Party loves a good celebration, and there’s nothing quite like a hens day. It’s got all the important elements of a party: spoiling the bride-to-be, getting the girls together, and indulging in some fun games + activities. COQTALES Bachelorette likes to keep it classy and unforgettable. We like to think those days…

How to Plan Perfect Bachelorette Party in Amsterdam

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We offer the hottest bachelorette party on all the hot VIP services that you can use to enhance your bachelorette party in Amsterdam. When you’re involving yourself in the planning process, a bachelorette trip to Amsterdam shouldn’t be done last minute. Services book up rapidly, and you want to make sure you’re paying for what…

Male Stripper, Sexy Games and Private Show in Amsterdam.

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Get a Sexy Male Stripper for your party in Amsterdam Girls, we have not forgotten about you. As our aim is to please your desires, we have Magic Mike stripper ready to perform for your party. Get hot dance by a sexy male stripper. For you Girls, we got the hottest guys to entertain you…

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas and Games in Amsterdam!

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9 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas and Games 1. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt A scavenger hunt is a classic Bachelorette party game, perfect for making a night out at the bars just a little more memorable. We love the challenges on our Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt and since it’s a free digital download, all you have to do…

A remarkable Bachelorette Party in Amsterdam with sexy and naughty options.

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Bachelorette Party in Amsterdam Male Stripper and more. We often hear that a Bachelorette Party is about pampering, massages, and a few glasses of wine between friends. Ladies, we are glad to announce to you that a Bachelorette Party in Amsterdam has much more to offer. Pampering is still an option If you want a…