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Plan a Bachelorette party for the modern Amsterdam bride with COQTALES

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At COQTALES, Bachelorette Party loves a good celebration, and there’s nothing quite like a hens day. It’s got all the important elements of a party: spoiling the bride-to-be, getting the girls together, and indulging in some fun games + activities.

COQTALES Bachelorette likes to keep it classy and unforgettable. We like to think those days of wearing a bright pink sash and hitting the town is long gone. Nowadays, you can find yourself doing some amazing activities with your BFF’s that involve topless Male or too many shots of tequila – check out some of our ideas below!

Are you ready to throw a Hens Party celebration in Amsterdam that will overshadow the wedding itself?

Then read about COQTALES ultimate guide to hosting a Hens Party day for your sister, best friend, or cousin right here!

The basic bachelorette party day details

What & Why?

Traditionally, a hens day (also known as a bachelorette party) is a pre-wedding celebration that is thrown in honor of the bride-to-be. It’s important that the Hens party enjoys her special day, as it should be a reflection of her favorite things shared with her favorite people.

Bachelorette party day details are also kept secret from the bride, but as long as you choose a venue and activity that best represents her, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that she will love it.


Generally, the maid of honor and bridesmaids plan the Hens party day in honor of the bride to be. Make sure nothing gets forgotten or left out, and think about all aspects of the bachelorette party day such as:

And then delegate the tasks to the bridal party! This way, everyone has a clear role and many hands make light work.

The only thing that the bride-to-be should be savvy to is the bachelorette party invitation list. Before anything else – the venue, the activity, the theme – you’ll need the number of guests. Ask the bride-to-be to send a list of who she would like to be included in her celebration. While it’s customary to include the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, along with any close family and friends, it’s completely up to the bride as to who gets an invite to her hens’ party.


Like any event, invitations should be sent out at least six weeks in advance and at least two weeks before the #BACHELORETTE PARTY.

Getting your a bachelorette party invitations out early enough allows all your invited guests enough time to respond and fit the event into their schedules.