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Male Stripper, Sexy Games and Private Show in Amsterdam.

a group of people performing on stage in front of a crowd

Get a Sexy Male Stripper for your party in Amsterdam

Girls, we have not forgotten about you. As our aim is to please your desires, we have Magic Mike stripper ready to perform for your party.

Get hot dance by a sexy male stripper.

For you Girls, we got the hottest guys to entertain you and your friends. Get ready for a special show that will make the temperature rise. We guarantee you a professional and handsome man stripper to perform a dance that will get everyone in the room excited. Want to surprise you, friend, for a Bachelorette party, Girls night, or a Birthday? Look no further.

Hot exotic dancer and sexy games

First, the male stripper will start with exotic dance. Then the stripper will stay over a little while to play some naughty games with the group. Time to get everyone involved. Everybody will have a chance to have some fun with our boy in the most unexpected ways. We got a lot of different naughty games to please everyone. In the end, each girl will have the pleasure to touch and grab firmly our male stripper and to enjoy his tight and muscular body.

Double Male Stripper

Get twice more abs and muscles. We got a duo of hot guys with a special routine that will make the birthday girl or the bride fall of her chair. Almost too good to be true. Those young hot models have been practicing their craft with countless Girls Nights in Amsterdam. Now we’re confident to say they mastered it and have the most astonishing double male stripper show in Thailand. And they’re ready to perform it exclusively for you.

Strip Show Plan

Want to know all this goes down? The male stripper will come for at least one hour. First making a surprise entrance. It’s always better if most of the group doesn’t know what’s happening.
He’ll get in and will perform a striptease for the lucky girl until he gets down to his boxer. Then he’ll play a few games with the whole group. That’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone fired up before an intense night out.

What do we recommend?

There are 2 requirements for the show: First, this kind of show is better in a private place. Usually, we do it in private rooms or villas. But we can also do it in a bar, club or karaoke as long as there is a private room. (Feel free to message us if you need recommendations) Second requirements. Relax and enjoy it! Once it’s booked, all you have to do is seat back, start to drink, and enjoy. We take care of the rest.

Book your male stripper today!

Let us know what date and time you require a male stripper and we’ll send you the rate and details as well as the pictures of our hot boys available so you can pick your favorite one of the selection. Any question? Message us anytime; we are at your disposal to help make your dreams come true.

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