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Get the party started!

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Big ‘n’ wild parties need big ‘n’ wild plans. You need some outstanding organization and one crazy group of ladies to pull the whole thing off! We know the best way for you to party, and the eight steps you need to take to pull off the best bachelorette party ever:

Step one: Get the band together
Planning a girl’s night out with a couple of friends versus fifteen wild and whooping women are two completely different things. The band of girls you’ll be playing with all evening is everything. With them, you’ll decide where to go, what to do and who to hook up with so you can make it that night to remember! Get everyone chatting together and decide on the next steps!

Step two: Save the date
Spam all your girls with emails, group messages and letters and make sure your party is going to be lit! You’ve got the best crew ever, now you’re only a step away from the best night ever!

Step three: Budget
Now that you know how many girls will be joining, you can start to estimate how much you’ll be spending. Think of groceries and booze (with a little Coqtales extra!), and see how much money each person will spend. Multiply this by the number of guests, and your party has practically lifted off!

Step four: Location
Amsterdam of course! FREE club nights, mouth-watering dinners, red lights and more. It’s the natural home for Coqtales and the perfect location for your last days in singledom!

Step five: Theme
Go sassy: get some attitude, make a statement and put your stamp on the night! Go classy: dress to impress, you’re all femmes fatales! It’s your chance to go all out and get creative. Think about what makes your friendship group unique. Or think about the bride’s favourite colour, season, or singer. And you can always ask to take a look at our own special Coqtale accessories for the bride-to-be!

Step six: Accessorize
Craft your swag early on so you can avoid running around at the last minute, looking for the perfect colour lipstick, or the most attractive bracelet. The better you bachelorettes look, the better the fun, the attention and the free shots!

Step seven: Booze and nibbles
This is how you start the night off, and if you want a Coqtales top tip, take it from us: private pre-drinks are always the best! Buy your drinks in and get warmed up for the night in your private hotel! That way you’ll be full steam ahead the moment you’re out the door!

Step eight: It’s funny honey
Get your game on! Bachelorette games are the best. Check out our games and party ideas for the most hilarious ways to keep the night alive!

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