Your happy birthday is our Coqtales guarantee to full of entertainment by our male strippers in Amsterdam. Birthday girls get FREE admission to the show, and a one trip ticket to a special part of Hulk Heaven! Who could turn down a little extra male attention to give it that extra hot spice? Our outstanding models know exactly what to do and have only eyes for you. So put on that party uniform and book the best seats for a night of indulgence!

Includes a free club night too!

Do not you just want to let your birthday pass by? With Coqtales Amsterdam your birthday will be extra special. First we have good news! The child gets free access from eight people. This is valid for all tickets. One of our hosts can be of service in planning your birthday as desired, together we make it a perfect evening.

Secondly, we have extra options to add to your evening:     

Book your limousine now to arrive in style at the show.     

Give your birthday the perfect planned day in Amsterdam, complete with Coqtales vibes.

Visit our specials page now! Coqtales dollars: is one of our hunks you noticed? Exchange your euros for Coqtales Dollars. This can be done before and during the show to get even more special ‘male’ attention from the hunks!

Massage passes: your pass to end up in the hunk of heaven for just five minutes. Choose your hunk and choose your heaven! A lap dance, a massage or just some intimate conversation.

The Hot Seat: make sure that your special lady gets extra attention, right on the stage! This is one of the ways for maximum satisfaction. Your lap dance is then part of the show.

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