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Magic Mike Male Strippers - Enjoy Best Amsterdam Bachelorette Night

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Are you looking to have a great night out? Do you want to have an exclusive experience while being surrounded by dozens of great-looking muscular men? Then Coqtales is the right place for you to be! Not only do you get to watch our Hunks, but you also could book your private performer. To make your night the best night ever, Coqtales provided all these luxuries during the show.

  • Massage passes Hot seats Coqtales dollars A diverse group of sexy Hunks

But what is a nice fun night out without a delicious dinner. Since November 2017 you and your girls can book your own Dinner packages. These packages include a lot of fun, tasty and fabulous extras.

  • 4-course Dinner with Coqtales show seat Welcoming drink Free entrance to the after-party in Club Escape And 5 Coqtales dollars to keep them hot Hunks coming your way. All you need is to let Coqtales know is the type of hunk you like, and you will get to have the ultimate fun and an incredible experience each time. We believe that only with the right approach you will get to enjoy your time out. No matter if you are alone or with your friends, you should have a lot of fun and explore all the options out there.

That’s what makes Coqtales so distinct, the fact that you get to let your imagination run wild. If you are sick and tired of doing the same old things all the time, it’s time to spruce up your life. You need a bit of adventure and fun in your life and this is the best way to get it right away. Hire one of our hunks and experience the ultimate pleasure is surely the right thing to do. Our hunks are ready to bring you a very exciting, fun night that you will want to repeat again and again.. Why is that? Because Coqtales is all about you! We focus on providing you with the very best hunks out in Amsterdam to fulfill your night.

Stripper Show

Once you come to our show, our strippers will make sure that you and your girls are teased as you’ve never experienced before. Now that you are finally free this Saturday night, doesn’t matter if your the bachelorette, birthday, divorced, or single ready to mingle, our strippers are always at your needs and demands. What if you can’t make it to our show or want a more exclusive show with only your girls?? We can get you a private stripper at any location. This could be on your own or at a bar or restaurant, just give us a call ASAP to plan out your next event. Stop worrying, start enjoying and get in touch with Coqtales. We can quickly provide you with the ultimate way to make your sexual dreams a reality. All you need is to choose the hunk you like and you will get free time and an unforgettable experience, and that’s everything you need in the end. Now it is time to contact Coqtales and enjoy a night you will remember for the rest of your life! We guarantee it!

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