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Ultimate Amsterdam visit made by Coqtales

a lit up city at night

Why only visit Coqtales if you can choose for a perfectly planned day(s) or weekend in Amsterdam. Coqtales provides since November a new concept!

Customize your Coqtales package now!

  • Delicious lunch
  • High-class dinner
  • Naked model painting
  • Private stripper
  • Amazing club night

Coqtales found the best tour organization in Amsterdam called Happy ending tours.  I can hear you think Happy Ending Tour in Amsterdam? Are we going to the famous red-light district and get your happy ending there? If you think that, we’re sorry to disappoint you, they will bring you to the Red Light District but you will not have your happy ending there. No, their motto is: More seeing and less talking! Of course, you can talk, socialize and make friends with the other people of the group, we are all about happiness and fun! If you want to find out what the secret happy ending is, contact us thru;