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When you’re involving yourself in the planning process, a bachelorette trip to Amsterdam shouldn’t be done last minute. Services book up rapidly, and you want to make sure you’re paying for what you want.

Last minute reservations also cost more than a reservation made a few months in advance. You should make your reservations the moment you have enough money to. Before you land in Amsterdam, be sure to have a plan of everything you want to do. Though the Strip may seem compacted, frequent trips back and forth from one end to the next could take up a better chunk of your day.

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If you’ve ever traveled with a large group, chances are you’ve met that comes with them. Travel is difficult, as cabs are fitted for a certain amount of people.

Bachelorette Amsterdam books your group a limousine and travel to and from your venue in elegant style. Limousine services can pick you and your crew up at your hotel and take you to the best bachelorette party place in Amsterdam.

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Extraordinary bachelorette party Ideas in Amsterdam

  1. Who traditionally plans and hosts the bachelorette party?

The Maid of Honor and the bridesmaids typically plan the bachelorette party. The Maid of Honor is usually the point person. However, now that these events have become more elaborate, the bridal party usually splits up the tasks evenly.

  1. Who is invited to the bachelorette party?

The guest list typically includes the Maid of Honor, the bridesmaids, and the bride’s closest girlfriends. It is usually a smaller guest list than that of the bridal shower.

  1. How long does the party typically last?

If it’s a destination bachelorette party it typically lasts for one full weekend. If it is a local event, it’s more likely you will have one full day and night of celebrating.

  1. What gifts do you bring for the bride-to-be?

Sometimes there will be a lingerie shower or some naughty gifts incorporated into the bachelorette party. Gifts for the honeymoon are also popular (think monogrammed beach bags). Often times though it is more about the party favors that everyone gets. Bachelorette party survival kits are really big right now!

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